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Smoking: A Real Drag On Your Oral Health

Clearwater FL DentistTobacco products have been used for centuries, causing billions of people worldwide to become addicted to this dangerous drug. Despite the known ill effects that tobaccos use has on a person’s health, millions of Americans still choose to light up or put a wad of chew into their…

Can Chewing Gum Really Prevent Cavities?

Clearwater FL Dentist OfficeThe mouth is a more complicated part of the body than people generally give it credit for. It is an essential part that allows food and drink to keep us healthy (or not so healthy, depending upon your dietary choices), it allows us to breathe and to communicate with…

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Clearwater FL Tooth Extractions

The third molars, commonly referred to as the “wisdom” teeth, typically erupt inside the mouth between the ages of 15-25. They are called “wisdom” teeth because they come in during the age when most people are maturing. Not everyone develops wisdom…

Root Canals

Clearwater FL General DentistAs living features of the human body, the teeth require consistent care to keep them healthy and secure within the mouth. If a tooth receives any type of damage, infection, or trauma, it is essential that it be evaluated and treated in order to save the tooth and…

Is Mouthwash Necessary?

Clearwater FL General DentistCommercials on TV and a quick walk down the oral health care aisle as your local drug store will advertise the necessary benefits of mouthwash, yet your dentist has never told you that you "should" be using it. This often leaves people wondering whether mouthwash…

Cavity Prevention

Clearwater FL Family DentistryYou only get one set of permanent teeth during your lifetime, so protecting them throughout your life is extremely important. Good oral hygiene can help all people avoid the development of cavities and tooth decay, and simple daily habits in cavity prevention…