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Welcome to Clearwater Dentistry, where we provide high quality, honest dental care at affordable prices.
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Whether your smile needs protection, restoration, or enhancement, you've come to the right place. Our team provides exceptional dental care through all stages of life. Choose Clearwater Dentistry for your smile today — a relaxing and rewarding experience awaits.
We Provide Affordable Care
If you are uninsured or don't have adequate coverage, you will appreciate the savings and discounts available through our Dental Savers Plan!
Dental Savers Plan
  • Clearwater Dentistry is awesome. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. They make going to the dentist a good experience, I would recommend them to anyone!
    - Sean
  • Great team of people. Always professional, courteous, and caring. I enjoy going to the dentist now, especially because they make sure I don't feel any pain. I am really happy I found this dentist.
    - Denise
  • Love the office and the entire staff. It's the first time I have actually ever looked forward to going back to the dentist. Dr. Paul is thorough and patient and has an excellent personality, along with his staff.
    - Lance

Your First Visit

The first visit as a new patient to any dental office is always the most challenging. You wonder if you will like the people there, if the place is warm, inviting, clean and safe. We understand the apprehension new patients feel when they walk through the door and we do all we can to alleviate it. Clearwater Dentistry has, as one of its major goals, the desire to help all patients feel welcome and comfortable from the very first visit onward.

Our determination to ensure you have a great visit begins with our scheduling convenience. Once your appointment is set, you have an opportunity to fill out New Patient Forms online. This convenient process means less time in the waiting room. When you come to our office you will feel the warmth of our dental team, and each one is committed to our patients' well-being and comfort. We keep your time in the waiting room short because we know you have better things to do besides spending time waiting for your dental appointment to begin.