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You can expect discomfort for the next two weeks as the extraction site is clotting but it takes up to 4-6 months for the bone to fill the extraction site and to fully stabilize and heal. At that time, you have the option to begin teeth replacement treatment (for example, permanent denture treatment or implant placement). 

Depending on the type of local anesthetic used and how your body digests the anesthetic it could take 4-6 hours. During this time, refrain from eating on the side that is numb as this could lead to accidentally biting your lips and causing trauma. 

Cleanings & Checkups

There are three types of dental cleanings: 1. A regular cleaning (prophy), 2. A more robust cleaning (debridement), or 3. Deep cleaning (scaling root planing). Insurance policies typically cover regular cleaning (prophy) is sufficient if you have healthy or mildly inflamed gums. The more robust cleaning (debridement) would be needed if you have severely inflamed gums with tarter/plaque build-up on the teeth that cannot be removed with a regular cleaning. Lastly, a deep cleaning (scaling root planing) would be warranted if there is severe inflammation and bone loss, which can be seen on x-rays. Your dentist will determine which of these cleaning is most appropriate for ensuring cleanliness and health of your teeth. 

Implant Restorations

We place implants using guided surgery and also perform minor bone grafting as needed to build bone support for an implant.

Root Canals

To the general public, root canal treatments get a bad reputation and are synonymous with pain. Reason being, if you need a root canal treatment it is because your tooth's nerve has been compromised which results in pain and infection. The root canal procedure itself is pain-free with the use of local anesthetics. Afterward, you can expect some discomfort during the healing process. 

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