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Newer Technology Means Better Results

We professionally whiten teeth at Clearwater Dentistry using Zoom technology. This is one of the most effective methods of whitening teeth. It uses laser technology and your teeth can stay white longer than many of the most popular procedures.

In addition to great dental technology, Clearwater Dentistry offers you old-fashioned patient-centered care with friendliness and compassion. In today’s world, courtesy seems to have been left by the wayside in so many situations. That is not true at Clearwater Dentistry. We appreciate you choosing us to be your dental home. We show our appreciation by treating you with the care and concern that you deserve as a patient.

For all your dental needs and a great ambiance, contact Clearwater Dentistry. We care about providing our patients with the best dental experience possible.

Digital Radiographs (x-rays)

Here at Clearwater Dentistry, we use digital x-rays to diagnose dental conditions swiftly and accurately. We use a sensor that is able to transfer high-quality pictures instantly to a computer. Since it is digital, the use of films and chemicals to process the pictures are eliminated. Also, the picture is in the form of a computer file allowing for ease of transfer as needed to other dental providers. Lastly, digital x-rays use up to 25% less radiation than traditional films ensuring we are using only the amount of radiation needed for our treatment. 

Guided Implant Surgery

We use CBCT x-rays in conjunction with a 3-D printer to place implants properly and accurately at our office. A CBCT x-ray takes a three-dimensional picture and allows us to properly locate high-quality bone to place a dental implant. The 3-D printer allows us to produce a surgical guide (stent). The surgical guide will fit onto your teeth and is essentially the transfer of information from the 3-D x-ray to your mouth. This ensures your implant is being placed exactly where you have high-quality bone. 

Intra-oral Camera

Transparency is important to us and we would like our patients to see what we see in the mouth. The camera is a handheld instrument and can easily be maneuvered inside the mouth to take pictures of the oral cavity. The use of intra-oral cameras allows us to show patients what a cavity or tartar build-up looks like in their mouth. 

Resin Composite

We no longer use amalgam fillings (silver/mercury) at our office. Instead, we do treatment with new age tooth-colored resin composites to fill teeth after cavity removals. Resin composites allow us to do the following: conserve tooth structure since it easily bonds to teeth, maintain aesthetics since we are able to match your current tooth color and provide stronger fillings that will last since we are using a new age resin composite which is more durable. 

Zirconia Crowns

Most of the crowns we do here are zirconia (ceramic) based instead of a metal alloy based. Zirconia crowns are white and extremely durable allowing us to conserve tooth structure and provide a highly aesthetic result.

Polyvinyl Siloxane (PVS) Impressions

We use the most up-to-date impression materials at our office to make our dentures. When used accordingly, these materials can capture the smallest detail within the oral cavity allowing for a well-fitting denture. Also, their durability/stability allows for transfer to the dental lab without any distortion resulting in a well-made denture. 

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