Restorative Dentistry

The dental team at Clearwater Dentistry really believes in the merits of preventive dentistry. We help our patients reach and maintain their best oral health. Everything we do is with the health and preservation of your natural teeth in mind. Yet, even with that mindset, there are times when teeth are lost due to damage, disease, decay or accidents. For those instances, we have restorative dental procedures to replace missing teeth.

Your mouth slowly goes through changes when you have missing teeth. The space left opens up doors of opportunity for a host of unpleasant dental problems to manifest. However, with the proper intervention early in the process, these unfortunate issues will never have a chance to develop. Our options for closing the space left by missing teeth include:


Ideally, your teeth would last your entire life and you would always have a great smile and a mouth full of healthy teeth. Unfortunately, this is not how many people end up. Through a variety of misfortunes, teeth are lost. When this happens, the empty spaces they leave behind can be the source of even more dental issues. Clearwater Dentistry offers many solutions to this cycle.

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Implant Restorations

Dentistry has advanced enormously in the past few decades, providing patients with options they never dreamed possible. One of these newer innovations is the dental implant. An implant serves to replace a single tooth. Unlike a dental bridge or partials, the implant stands alone.

The initial implant procedure requires a minor surgery to place a screw-type post in the jawbone. It is then left a few months to be integrated into the bone. Once the implant is securely attached to the bone it is ready for the restoration.

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